1/48 O Scale News visits the A&O


Today Tom Nixon, former owner and publisher of 1/48 O Scale News, visited A&O 2.0. He was accompanied by Ted Schnepf. It was an honor for me to meet both distinguished gentlemen hailing from eastern Illinois. To David they were old friends. I’m honored to call them new friends. From L to R, Ted, Tom, David.

David recalled visiting Ted’s giant O-scale layout, over 4000 square feet at the time. Subsequently Ted added basement space under his home’s porch and even underground, outside the limits of the porch, to accommodate a 72" minimum radius. Or was that 7’ minimum radius (84")?

Here David shows the guests how a different type of coal, live loads in fishbelly hoppers supplied by Atomic Fuels on the New River and Western, serves factories in “Fillmore Heights.”