A&O 2.0 Second Open House 9-28-13


[size=150]It had been over three years since the last time A&O 2.0 had opened its doors for an official “layout tour”. This past Saturday marked the second, with guests coming from the Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado clubs. Approximately 75 showed up to watch the trains roll, inspect the progress, and enjoy the A&O hospitality. Wife Katie welcomed everyone with fresh cinnamon rolls and also snapped a few photos for posterity, and our mutual enjoyment. [/size]


A few photos that I shot. First up, Rod Black and Jim Ferenc inspect one of Vince’s CMRI nodes, soon to be installed.

Jack Heier was running his Jackson & Southern GP9. Here he was pontificating about something.

It was good to see Mark Linn and the family.


Craig heads off the mainline and into the paper mill. There are about 28 feet of paper mill tracks from Craig to the farthest folks in the background.

Bill switches inside Fillmore Heights.

Katy made sure that guests did not leave hungry.