A&o gp-35 #405


Well…she is finally…Alive!!!

After a lot of thinking, executing, and some great advice from Bob and David…the newest edition to the A&O fleet is ready to go.

This Overland Brass Engine originally started off in the Reading green and yellow. After a little repair work and some elbow grease, she came out of the Millport Shops in the A&O Red and Grey.

She is a little more weathered than some of the other A&O GP-35s (ok…I admit I started having fun and got carried away…hehe). But she is wearing a little more road grime and not rust grime.

See the next post for pictures of the newest member of the fleet!



Super cool Craig! 405 looks great!


Nice! Can’t wait to see and hear it running.


What paints did you use?


Hey Jay.

I luckily found a bottle of Floquil in each of the A&O colors in my stash. Concrete and Pacemaker Red are the colors.

Bob said he was starting to match colors in other manufacturers. Not sure if he has had much luck.

I do know that MRH had done a book on mixed colors to match the Floquil stuff. You can buy that online.


A PDF of the MRH paint book is available as a free download, if you are logged-in as a subscriber.


Bob and I have done a LOT of talking about paint. I have decided to use Tamiya. MIx red and hull red for the Pacemaker and Deck Tan for the grey. I do have a number of bottles of PollyScale Pacemaker, though.

Seems I saw another comparison chart somewhere. But none of them mention Pacemaker…


I wonder if a mix could be done with like ATSF red and Mineral red.


Very nice indeed. Look forward to seeing a video on the loco in operation on the A&O.


Gorgeous Craig. It will be a sweet addition to the Turkey Ops two weeks from today. And, yes Ian, I expect some video will happen!


First run on the mothership happened this morning. Overall the motor seems to be good, runs nice and smooth.

I’ve got a few things to tweak (headlights waaaay too bright, class lights bright, etc)…but all in all she should be ready for the club contest on Thursday and ready for drop off after that. Should be ready for use on the Op Session.


Beautiful job, Craig! She ran very smoothly with a 14 car train both up and down the ruling grade, at all speeds.

Although you expressed concern about too-heavy weathering, you could take it farther if that interests you, and I wouldn’t object. It wouldn’t be a rust bucket in 1968 as it would be fairly new.

It is a good thing that Loksound decoders have light dimmers on every function output. I saw spots before my eyes not just from the headlights!