A&O heritage freight cars



Hey, I found this vintage A&O hopper still in service at the Boulder Model Railroad Club show at the fairgrounds in Longmont this last weekend! This is one of the original HO sale cars that David sold off years ago!


Nice catch, Rick! Do you remember which layout it was running on?

Back in 2007 I caught an A&O box car on the OC&E at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley. It is barely visible behind the trailing locomotive.


The hopper was running on the Trout Creek and Western, an HO modular layout operated by the Boulder Model Railroad club. I’ve seen another A&O hopper, several years back, on an HO modular layout corner piece built by Doug Geiger. It featured a coal mine scene and I seem to remember the A&O hopper was a permanent fixture in the scene.


Yikes, these are archeological/anthropological artifacts. I believe carbon dating and comparative decal film research would place them in the late '70’s for the hopper and mid-80’s for one-of-a-kind blue box car.

The hopper was sold at auction when the A&O rails suddenly and permanently widened in 1989. And the box car was saved and later given to Mr. David Trussell as a museum piece. I’m told that today it now runs in a special train with other prototype freelanced railroad equipment; ie.- not very often.

Good to see them still accumulating mileage.