A&O the friend


I haven following the A&O now for some time, and have been inspired to create an Appalachian road of my own. Would there be any way that I would be able to do some decal sharing to get some A&O cars on my raikroad


Dear GNR,

So glad to be of “inspiration”. As the scenery progresses hopefully it will continue to do so.

You did not say what scale you were modeling in. That being said, our decals are homemade on an ALPS printer Bob purchased years ago, no longer available. We’re hoping we have enough white ribbons to complete our MANY car and engine projects.

I have had other requests for decals for specific cars of the A&O. A long term thought is that as these cars are finalized and completed on the RR, I could then have some commercially printed decals made in HO and O and make them available at the “A&O Store” (currently the 3rd shelf of the Crew Lounge bookcase). Don’t hold your breath, but it is a very active thought.

I’m honored that you would desire A&O equipment on your layout. It’s always fun to have friend’s stuff running on our rails.

You can be sure I will make an announcement when such becomes available.



The trains that I would be using are 1/8th scale, so the average 3-bay coal hopper is around 5 ft long. Because of this I would require permission to make them myself, and in return would send a few sets of decals for my road( have to finish that part first).


Okay then, Permission granted…-:slight_smile: