A&O - The Movie


OK…maybe it should be A&O the Film Clip, but that just doesn’t roll off of the tongue :slight_smile:

This past weekend I went over the layout and tried out my new Canon HF G40 Camcorder, to learn the camera and to see what the thing could do. Bob and I tested out a bunch of different area’s with different camera settings to try to optimize my settings for the best viewing possible. We learned a LOT and we had a great time. Thanks again Bob! I can’t wait to put to use what I’ve learned for the next go around.

Any who…I thought that I would post up a link to the video’s for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Make sure you have a good set of headphones or speakers, and turn the volume up.

If this version is a little grainy, you can go over to my SmugMug Account and download the file too. Make sure you figure out which version you want to download (1080p or 720p). The 1080 will be BIG!


A&O Trackgang
A&O Videographer


Very nice Craig! I love how in the coal train scene in the Kayford, the coal cars actually make wheel noise! Gotta love O scale!


I totally agree Rick.

By that point I had finally figured out that I was not recording on surround sound, so I flicked the switch over to get that correct. If you listen close…you can hear the engine go by to the left of you.


I love seeing all the progress, wish I lived closer…



If you think parts of the movie may be a wee bit too dark, please blame me. I had never seen Craig’s new camera and its controls didn’t behave the same way as my ancient and rarely used tape-based Canon XH-A1 ENG camera.



I’m excited to see more Craig.