A&O track work passion



What was your inspiration to begin your quest into the amazing track work you produce? I think your turn outs are just incredible. It’s just so real!


An A&O Fan


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the overly kind words.

The A&O track work is utilitarian, that is, it gets the job done. With the amount required it cannot be super detailed, nor could I afford all the castings required. And I bend some rules for the sake of space which equals operation for me- a prime objective. The one absolute requirement is thus operational reliability.

For truly gorgeous track work see Jim Harper’s stuff at Red Cliffs Miniatures. It is of course P:48 and first rate museum quality. He sets the standard.

All the best,



Thank you David, I am really starting to take interest in track work these days. I feel very privileged to see what your doing and learn from you.