Accessing the forum


For about the past month, access to the forum has been spotting at best. Often, I get a 500 error code and the page won’t load. The regular site loads fine, but not the forum. This happened as recently as in the past three days. I somehow managed to get online long enough to post two topics the other night, but have had no further access until today.

I presume the A&O crew is aware of this issue, unless it’s something on my end. I cleaned out my cache and cookies but still couldn’t get on the forum.




The problem is on my/our end. Son Joel’s in-house computer runs the whole site and part of it keeps crashing. He can fix it if he’s at the office, but is often away on business, thus the lag times. If I had not had technology bypass surgery I’d manage it myself, but that WOULD be a disaster.

Sorry for the inconsistency and your understanding. I sincerely wish this were not so, but it’s out of my hands, so it is what it is. Thanks for hanging in there!

With apologies,



No worries David, thanks for the update. I’m just glad it’s on somebody’s radar.