Any HO left?


Where is Maryland and West Virginia Junction? Must be an indirect connection through the C&O or V&O. Do you have any HO cars left? I’d love a couple for the interchange.


I’m not sure where the “Maryland and West Virginia Junction” is you’re referring to. Perhaps you’re looking at the future CTC panel diagram that’s scrolling down left side (BTW- is that “cool” or distracting/annoying?) and seeing the “NR&W Jct.” That’s Bob Sobol’s New River and Western connection to the A&O rails on 2.0; a wholly-owned subsidiary of the A&O, and a chance to paint up and run some acquired oddball equipment that wouldn’t fit within the A&O power program.

The C&O will connect with the A&O once again at Ridge (this time a rain scene). There is no V&O connection with the A&O at this time (permission declined).

I have no A&O HO cars remaining with those sold years ago. We do, however, plan to do an A&O “Company Store” page and make up some more fun items (mugs, mouse pads, shirts, etc.) and will likely include car data/herald sheets to be turned into decals by those desiring such.