Away for a while


hi david and crew, i’ve been away for a while and now have re-discovered the A&O once again. the 2.0 is amazing, not that 1.0 wasn’t. about 20 years ago, i had john armstrong design an HO scale coal hauler to be placed in 2/3rds of a 50’ diameter geodesic dome basement, which was to connect the C&O and VGN somewhere in the bowels of west virginia. aside from a main line that would accomidate VGN 2-10-10-2’s, it had 2 branchlikes, one of which was 7+ scale miles long. if i had a million or two dollars and 30 more years, i would attempt to do that RR in P48, O scale.



Hi Woody,
Sounds like an amazing HO layout! Does it still exist?