Awesome railroad


I was looking thru Railroad Planning 2009 earlier today which included an article on the A&O of course. I noticed your web address and have been looking and reading for the last couple of hours on my iPhone because I hadn’t brought a laptop home over the holiday weekend. I can assure you tgat your RR is equally impressive on the small screen as it undoubtedly is in person. Thanks for sharing.

While I model in HO, your procedures and tie-laying methods are certainly applicable to all of us in other scales. Your dedication us impressive and you are certainly fortunate to have availabke the dedicated and skilled workforce. Kudos!
I have a small 20" x 72" switching railroad, Thr Parker Creek & Eastern … 5/pic/list

I’ll look forward to seeing your progress and I’ve forwarded you link to our local group.

Wishing you a productive 2012.
Dennis Bean-Larson
Traverse City, Michigan


Hi Dennis-
Welcome to the forum! And thanks for the kind remarks. Progress moves slowly at times, but check-in from time to time as guys post updates on thier railroads too. And of course, interesting projects. Thanks for the links to yours. Good stuff.