What type of benchwork(const) are you using on the A&O 2.0? Also will the back drops be high enough that you can see over them? So that when you are in an area of the layout you are cut off from everybody else and can see only in front and behind the operator?


Hi Fred-
The view/backdrops will in fact be room dividers, as on 1.0, which totally isolates that section of the basement from those adjoining.

I am preparing some text, drawings, and pictures to describe the whole process for the “Construction” page and hope to have that up on the site in a week or less (we’ll see!). This should give a good idea of how things are planned to go together as the months go by. Let me know then what else you may have questions about.

I have the AM off, it’s near 70 degrees here along Colorado’s front range today, so I think I’ll drag the table saw outside and cut some more RR ties!