Best wishes from Germany


Great to see the A&O is back to the (virtual)world. David, your layout was - and is - one of my all time absolute favorites (since I saw your track plan the first time in the 48ft mag).

I look forward seeing the progress of the A&O.

All the best wishes from an O-scaler living near Stuttgart/Germany.

J.E. Keith (Keithville & Lake Erie R.R.)


If you remember the first article (July '94) you are indeed an old-timer in O scale! The trackplan for 2.0 will be up sometime in the future (when time enables my son Joel to do the fancy stuff he has planned) but it will also be available in a rough form in the soon to be released MRP 2009.

I was passing through Germany last March and was warmly hosted by a gentleman in the Frankfurt area for a few hours; a railroader who had connected via the 1.0 website. It’s a small, and in model railroading terms, neat world. All the best-


Dear David,
I’m hooked. You created a forum. :smiley:

The pics show my Keithville and Lake Erie R.R.

I look forward discussing the possibilities of 0-scale and
the growth of the A&O 2.0

J.E. Keith Stuttgart/Germay


Wow, Keith. Neat photos! Thanks for sending them along. I like the Atlas yard tower in the picture. I had one of them years ago as a teenager and my HO days and have thought of getting some for A&O 2.0- maybe still will.

An interesting story is that the Ricksburg Yard Tower from A&O 1.0 was made into a production model by Lionel- copied right down to the gusset plates- but unbeknownst to me. A friend here bought one for his railroad and showed it to me. I checked Lionel’s website and then emailed them, asking Lionel’s legal department to contact me; but never heard from them. Oh well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I’m pretty ignorant re: forums, posts, etc. so this is my first try at it (thanks to son Joel and wife Katie’s coaching). Hope it makes it back to you.

I look forward to seeing more pictures!


Hi friends,
it’s a little bit quiet here.
So I’d like to show you a pic of my backdated K&LE RR.

Steam rules.
Happy railroading.
J.E. Keith Stuttgart/Germany


Hi Jay,

Neat picture! A late, summer afternoon look. I especially like the dwarfing of the scene by the industrial buildings in the background.

I didn’t know you had “backdated”. From when to when? And what is the steam engine?

I’ve kept all radius on 2.0 to 60" where any potential steam might wander. I own none myself, but some of the guys in the crew do (“If you build it, they will come.”)

The telltales shown would be an era shift as well. Are they new? Since A&O 2.0 is right at the time roofwalks were being removed I have (will have, again) some telltales remaining and some laying trackside, awaiting pickup, just the mast being left in place.

The foreground clutter and switch stands add much to the scene. And in O scale it is so visible, not just in photos.

Thanks for the post, send more!



Hi David,
thank you for your kind words about my efforts.

I backdated my layout from 1959 to 1955, only a few years.
Gone is my RS11 and gone are the century green NYC boxcars.

The steamer is an Atlas 0-6-0 NYC switcher.
I’m hooked with the sound.

Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany