Construction page update


I’ve finally been able to update the Construction Page on the website (technical difficulties) so got caught up to the current stage of construction as of October 2011 (man, time flies). You will find additions on phases 2-4 and in Wiring/Electrical.
We’re gettin’ there.


It sure likes you have been quite a bit of work done over the summer David :slightly_smiling: I like it!!!

I love the idea on the pucks as well for some lighting. Might have to use that one in my layout as well.


Looking great guys! Count me in for an operating session anytime after May 2012! And PLEASE keep up the pictures! The scenery on the layout is a HUGE improvement over what’s outside my window!


Hi Craig and Rick-
Great to hear from you! Craig now a married man (congrats!!) and Rick eager for a a return. You are in our thoughts and daily prayer before the Lord, as promised. Hopefully now that we’ve got our computer/web issues resolved I can add to the photos. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Just finishing up a punch list of Millport-area items before allowing myself to head out into the real basement and the mainline double-crossover that is Bayfield. It’s getting close to time for Vince and signaling. Yeah. I’ve got some construction goals. We’ll see if they materialize.

I picked up 6 Clever Models CDs for structures. Worked a package deal at the Indy O Scale show a couple weeks ago. Amazing stuff. Eager to play with it. Your structure, Rick, inspired me.


Yea…can you believe it. She hasn’t got rid of me yet :smiley: hehehehehehhe She’s stuck with me now.

It was a fun ride through everything, but not something that I want to do again. I’m sure glad things have settled down. Starting to get some stuff done on the layout and should be starting tie work in the Chama area this week :slightly_smiling:


Boy, an I glad to hear from both David and Bob. Those of us who are voyeurs on the A&O haven’t heard about winter progress past Point Vincent. Didn’t want to bother you with requests to feed the savage beast if you were having problems. Bob - hope that Achillies is healing! As an aging jock, (tennis) I’m familiar with things breaking down. Maybe you can still post some more of your wonderful pictures while sitting on a good stool or chair! David - hammers work well on recalcitrant computers; you’ll feel much better afterwards! Seriously, thank you for sharing! Jeff - the ol’ mechanic



With the help of my long-suffering, tech-savy wife (I’m a lucky man :smiley: ) there have been 60 photos added to all phases of the Construction page. The photos record the progress current thru 2-21-13. As you can see by the new section “year-by-year Constuction”, 2012 was a very good year for progress on A&O 2.0. Many thanks to the crew for their generous help in every way. I doubt the provided lunches were adequate compensation. I only hope 2013 is as fruitful.

We just passed 5 years since beginning construction, and have already much more layout than 1.0. (Hard to believe!) We’ve completed 134 turnouts, six of them 3-ways, 7 diamonds, and more feet of track than I cared to count. It has been a blast, and the ideas/solutions to construction challenges have at times been amazing. The group process of seasoned modelers is great fun.

Current construction is building Ricksburg yard, laying rail in Glen Forge, and the rain room of Ridge. Not to mention numerous panels, fascia, wiring, and…well, you get the idea.

I’m building the railroad from opposite ends of the basement to join in the middle, with the nod-under bridges at the layout entrance last to go in. Then scenery.

For those of you who check-in for progress from time to time, enjoy.

More later-



Note to all who may be interested-

We’ve caught up the Construction Page photos to date (mostly). Phases1, 4,5,6,7, and signaling, as well as “year-by-year.”

We’re gettin’there!