Construction photos


For any interested, photos have finally been added to the Construction page under Phases 1-3 and the Wiring sections.


WOW! You guys have been bussy! Only 2 more months of school! I can’t wait! My basement bathroom is almost finished with only tile and finish plumbing left. That means the A&D Ratliff branch “home” and A&O beyond the basement staging will be next!


Hi Rick-
Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve been busy too. And with much anticipation for what lies ahead. I guess the A&O 2.0 is the A&D’s “beyond the basement” staging. I’m going to need some A&D equipment when the time comes. And maybe an A&D Geep 9 in pool service.


Wonderful Dave…now we can see practical application of the harvested “ballast” from the field trip. I pray all is well. (Enjoying the early snow :smiley: )


A couple of quick snaps from a November 7 work session.

The “bent stick” method creates smooth curves that floooooooooow.

Wiring power to tortoise motors with CAT5 cable.



Mark and Bob Brooks cutting stringers.

Craig: “That can’t be right!”


You’d be surprised…but that is what I look like most of the time :laughing:


David and the gang,
Thanks for posting the photos etc. Now are the folks helping you all O scale modelers or do they model in different scales?
Fred Mullins


Fred -
A few of us in the work group already model in O. I was an unrepentant HO-scaler until I met David. Another long-time A&O crew member recently switched.

Over time the rest will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. :laughing:


[size=150]MERRY CHRISTMAS!![/size]
to all regulars and visitors of the A&O website
from David and the A&O gang
For those interested, a rather verbose description of laying out trackwork and glueing ties has been added to the Construction page.


[quote=“David”][size=150]MERRY CHRISTMAS!![/size]
to all regulars and visitors of the A&O website
from David and the A&O gang
For those interested, a rather verbose description of laying out trackwork and glueing ties has been added to the Construction page.[/quote]

And to you and yours David… I pray you and the family are doing well.

PS- It WAS a white Christmas even for us!


Construction photos have been pretty quiet lately, so here are some catch-up pix.

Not sure if this is “Got some 'splaining to do” or a re-enactment of "Washington crossing the Delaware"

Vince demonstrates a painful way to drive spikes in Havens yard

Mark spikes rail using the Tres Amigos rolling track gage


A few more pix, in no particular order.

A diamond in the rough, part of a curved double crossover. There is no straight rail to be found anywhere in the vicinity of CM Tower.

Trackwork in Havens yard, A/D tracks. For the record these are approximately #10 frog angle.

Virtuoso trackwork at the south end of Havens yard. Just try building this with Atlas turnouts! The two blurry “ghosts” are piano wire sticking up through the throw bars. These have not yet been clipped to length.


The double crossover was almost done on Jan 23, 2010.

Although a rail shortage was imminent, a crisis was narrowly averted.


The CM Tower - Point Vincent double crossover and diamond are done. The lone tree was donated by Jackson, and came out of his new Tres Amigos Flockin’ Tree Machine.

A sea of T-pins assist layout of the Havens Yard turning wye, an area now called “Wye Knot.” The track at the bottom of the photo is one of the 16th St switch leads and forms part of a big reversing loop. The track just to the left heads into the Fillmore Heights industrial district.


The track crew has started filling Fillmore Heights with rail while wiring continues under Havens yard.

In Fillmore Heights, Jackson builds a turnout for the yard at the Ford plant. A scenic divider filled with tall buildings, running just in front of the Ott lite, will eventually block this view.

Levi connecting Havens yard rail feeder wires to the DCC power bus.

Craig wiring turnout motors.


Here’s an overview of Havens yard (center), Fillmore (right, above Havens) and staging (lower level center and left.) Along the far wall can be seen the yard lead heading for the main 16th St classification yard, to be built over staging at the far left.

A scenic divider will hide Jackson and the higher Fillmore track from this aisle.

All the lighting is temporary. The single piece of valence holds the lighting test of a Philips F32T8/930 4’ fluorescent bulb, as described in a previous thread.

Apologies for the mess, as it is definitely a work session in progress!

Moving well to the right of the preview photo we see the complex multi-level bench work that carries the Slauson cutoff and connection between Dogtown staging and Havens yard.

And as a teaser, surely nothing good can ever come of this. Or can it?


Some April 2010 construction photos of A&O track in the Fillmore Heights aisle. A lot changed since my last visit.

“Somebody has some explaining to do!”

“I almost forgot about this turnout”

Jackson grinding a code 100 stock rail for a turnout in Fillmore Heights.


Some overview shots from April 2010.

Here we look straight at Point Vincent, where Yard Limits end and CTC begins on the upper deck. This peninsula end is the new home of the paper mill, relocated from Glen Forge. Note that upper styrene (unpainted) sky backdrops have been erected to the ceiling. The remaining gap is planned to be filled with very tall building flats (very flats.)

Vincent laying a small yard at the north end of the Fillmore Heights operators aisle.

The south end of Havens yard, where the arrival/departure tracks serve 16th St classification yard, not yet built to the left of the far left aisle.

Note that Vince’s loaned BN hard hat has received a lot of use during the latest construction. As Homer says, D’oh!


This saved piece of A&O 1.0 finally found a home. It came from Fillmore Heights on the first layout, and that’s where it landed on the new layout. For location, the horizontal blur of track at the top right of the photo is the tail track of the Havens Yard wye.