Construction photos


Very Nice :slightly_smiling: It’s changed a bit since I was last there too. I think that Fillmore is going to be an amazing place to operate.

Thanks for sharing the pictures Bob.


In the movie “Young Frankenstein” Eyegore said to the doctor “What hump?” Here is a peek at 16th Street classification yard from July of 2010.

This is certainly a work-in-process, but it appears that the twin switch leads in the original plan will be replaced by a single and fairly stout hump.


Sweet! Glad to see things moving along…Hi Dave! Yes I’m still out here… Bob, as always great photography


This work was done at the end of May, and virtually nothing has been done since as summer travel and a huge landscaping project have consumed all my time and energy. Photos on those items will be posted when completed to plead my case.

This photo is before some hump lead work had been constructed, thus the roller coaster look when taken. At the moment it has no hump as the temporary risers have been removed to lower the roadbed so the rear track can be laid first. Then the hump lead will be raised into position and risers adjusted for proper roll out into the 9 classification tracks of the various types of rolling stock. All preliminary tests on mock-up rails were positive enough to “go for it”.

Retarders? (I can hear the question already). They’re a work in progress, like everything else (in life). At the moment there will be a Master Retarder and then Group Retarders, as on the prototype. Currently there’s promise in a manual design with friction applied to the backside of the wheel to slow the passing car. The firmer the operator presses the knob, the more pressure is applied. We’ll see. But data will be shared. Just another project.

The goal is to eliminate the bottleneck that Millport’s 16th Street classification yard was on A&O 1.0, enabling trains to get broken down and classified much more quickly. With the separate Millport Havens Arrivial/Departure and engine facility yard across the aisle, all the 16th st. guy has to do is classify. We’ll see how it all works out!



Can’t wait :slightly_smiling:

David…if you need any additional man power on the landscape…let me know :slightly_smiling:


Sooooooo… does everybody start out as a “Group Retarder” and work their way up to “Master Retarder”? Does Darwin have to take the retarder test, or can he grandfather in?

I’m just asking, some retarder-ed people want to know!


Looks like the cat, er, hump, is out of the bag! Didn’t know it was a secret. :blush: But herr layout doctor told me not to disturb him when he was working… so I didn’t ask. :laughing:


Well, it’s been a while since we had some pictures, so I thought that I would take my trusty Canon T2i over with me to David’s for a little up-date (and to make sure that Bob could stay focused on the panel wiring - aren’t I such a nice guy!!) So here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

More to come…


Here are the next three.

A few more to come…


And the last series for this week…

Hope you enjoyed these. I won’t be at the next couple of work sessions, but when I return I will try to grab a few more pictures. Ya know, I think Bob likes having an assistant!



Nice photos, Craig. But why do we only see a certain side of your older brother? :laughing:


(Looks around from side to side…waves Bob over…)

It’s because…because…

I’m the good looking one of the family :smiley:



Greetings Everyone,

Here are the next round of Photos for the work sessions held this past week. One of the days we had 6 of us working and the other saw 3 of us (smaller turn out due to the snow storm on Thursday).

So without further delay…here are the pictures :slightly_smiling:

More to come…


Here is one more…

So over the past couple of days we saw the following happen:

  • Jackson and Vince finished up Fillmore track laying. Craig finished up about half of the wiring in Fillmore, with ground throws still needing to be installed.
  • Mark continued work on the 16th Yard tracks. He was able to get all of the track except one rail completed in these yards. At the next session we should see 16th St complete.
  • Jackson started work on the track on the front side of the hump, which will service and ice reefers for use at Cambells and Swanson’s.
  • Vince completed track at the Swanson and Cambell sidings, and will start laying track towards Jackson.
  • Bob and Craig worked on more wiring, doing some prep work in the 16th St Yards and Fillmore Heights area.
  • David started work on the International Paper area, which marks the first track prep work outside of the yard areas.

And for something that will blow your minds. David mentioned yesterday that about half of the switches have been installed on the layout (just in the yards and Fillmore areas). Assuming I wasn’t smoking something (and I don’t believe I was)…just over 100 switches have been completed.

I would like so send all of my best thoughts and warmest wishes to everyone for a happy and joyous New Year. I can’t WAIT to see what we accomplish in 2011 !!


Craig -

It appears that we need to promote you to “Associate Historian” at the A&O Historical (Hysterical?) Society for your photojournalism skills! :laughing:

And thanks for your wiring expertise, even if your arms did feel like they would fall off (so did mine.)


You always know you’re doing it right when you have lost feeling in both arms :slightly_smiling: heheheheheh


Some shots from a wiring work session last Saturday, Feb.5.


The hump yard is nearly complete.

This was the first test run. At least that’s what David claimed. I think it was just an excuse to play trains! :unamused:

Rolling down to the bowl.


Craig sets up to shoot video of hump yard testing with his fine new Canon Rebel T2i DSLR, using a borrowed lens and tripod. (Clarification in case his fiancé sees this and thinks he’s been hiding some new toys! They really are borrowed.)

We hope to produce a future feature-length “A&O 2.0 - THE DVD” for sale in the A&O Company Store. Merchandising! (think Mel Brook’s Spaceballs.) :unamused:

Meanwhile, the flooooowing track at Point Vincent starts its connection with the mainline and paper mill industry tracks.

The “whatever it takes” approach to fit and flow in-place constructed turnouts never ceases to amaze me. Here we see what may well become the longest frog on the layout, on the mainline diverging route of this 3-way at the paper mill. A limber SW switcher will service the three industry tracks to the distant left.

FYI this is all MicroEngineering Code 100 rail on home-sawn ties.


Hi Dave/crew. Excellent progress and craftsmanship, keep up the momentum and good work. I can’t wait to see the progress in person.

John Parker