CTC Machine Build


Rick -

I see that Mouser stocks a C&K 3 position switch that might be useful. I haven’t checked the distance from the panel to the bottom of the switch to see if it is the same as the 2 position Taiwan Alpha, but it is probably close.


Bob, Thanks for putting this info on the forum, the panel looks fantastic. I hope to build one soon.
With regards to the 3 position switch, have a look at mouser part number 105-SR2611F-25-18NS. There is a tabbed washer that controls how many switch positions you can have. I will be setting mine to 3 position. The angle of the throw is correct.


Chris -

That switch would be perfect for the 3-position. Unfortunately, Mouser shows it to be non-stocked with a minimum order quantity of 1000. :disappointed:

Ten years ago something prompted me to stock up on both the 30deg-3 and 60deg-2, long before the A&O track plan was finalized. Fortunately my guess was pretty good, as there are now only a couple spares left over.


Chris -

I don’t know if it is too late, but Mouser now shows stock of both Taiwan Alpha rotary switches suitable for US&S CTC machines. I haven’t ordered any, but from a catalog search it appears that they have both:

60 degree 2 position: SR2616F-0202-18F5B-D8-N

30 degree 3 position: SR2612F-0304-21R0B-D8-N

The latter is actually 4 position, but it comes with a washer with a pin on it that serves as a rotation limiter, so it should convert to 3 positions without any difficulty.

At the moment less than 25 quantity price is $4.24 each.