Going 'O'


My name is Jose Alvira and it’s been tough waiting to see the new beginnings of your magnificent railroad, since the May 2006 MR article. I’ve admired your layout for many years. I’ve been modeling in HO for many years and I’m at a cross road, as you were to switch scales to ‘O’ Scale. I recently purchased my first Atlas Master Series GP60 in Vermont Railway along with a few freight cars and I’ll tell you, that nibbling at the soul to go ‘O’ is sure on fire now. I look forward to seeing more of your new layout and to follow along on your web site. Thanks for sharing you layout with us on the web.


Glad you’ve enjoyed the A&O. So have we! Sounds like the inherent appeal of O scale is about to win-out again. If you have a large space, elaborate layouts are possible, BUT the drama of O scale is not about the size of the basement or length of run, it’s all about making the scene you’re modeling and its supporting details adequately sized to fit these BIG trains. It’s the intimate, “in the scene” dynamic that people leave the railroad saying, “Whew, that was fun.” A Vermont Ry unit should give you a suitable backdrop indeed. Be sure to share what you come up with!



O Scale’s size and detail is just the magic I am looking for to take my attention to detail to the next level. Inspired by images from Proto 48 sites and museum model detail has been what I have based my HO work around. O Scale however is that key to the next level. Just like the image you had in Model Railroader magazine looking out the engines cab door at other units in the yard is the magnificence in detail I love.

As soon as I saw the new layouts plan you added to your website I pawed over it. WOW!, now this is a layout! It took a while for me to get my bearings in the plan, and in that process I worked up a copy (just for my use) of the plan in color and delineated the facia board outline from the isle-way. I also added an indication of scenery to get a better feel for it. I am going to try and attatch it to this email but am unsure if this is set up for attachments. If this dosen’t work and you are interested in having this colored plan, let me know how I can get it to you via email. I have it scanned and ready to go. If you would like, maybe you can put it up on the website and use it to give others a feel for the layout with it. This would just be a temporary step since you said that Joel will be creating a digital master graphic of the plan and I know I probably did not interpret everything correctly.

Jose Alvira,

New York


Looking forward to how your new modeling turns out. It will be exciting.

The scanned plan did not come through. Try emailing it to me.

The soon to be released 2009 MRP will have a rendition of sorts in color of 2.0. But as with all track plans, things get rearranged as built. And we’ve already slightly tweaked Sobol Springs and added many more staging tracks (stub ended) in the Dogtown under-city yard.