Good Work


David - I read the update in MRP and I’m sure 2.0 will be as incredible as 1.0. I’ll be following your progress on this website often . I’m a neighbor (Berthoud), and I will beginning my own layout soon, the rail/marine interchange between the New Haven and the Lehigh Valley in New York, 1967.

Ethan Eilertsen


Hi Ethan,
Nice to hear from neighbor (what, about 10 miles away?). You’ll have to swing by sometime. I’m tenatively planning the first open house for 2.0 in late April. I’ll put a post when it’s official. Have you connected with the No. Colo. RR Club yet? If not, you need to. A truly excellent, diversified and energetic group with so many very talented modelers. The club website is on the Links page.

Stay in touch,


David, thanks for the invitation! I’ll keep my eyes open for the open house. I actually belong to the Boulder club, it’s really convenient becuase they meet in Louisville and I work in Westminster. Both clubs share layout tours and there are people who belong to both, so there is some synergy there. I actually live in Weld County between Berthoud and Johnstown, so you are right,we are pretty close.