Great looking layout


David, Great work on you layout. Look forward to seeing more updates on it. I seen your A&O 1.0 layout in MR and it give me a few ideas on scenery on my layout. I model a fictional railroad called the Kentucky Virginia & Ohio (KV&O). Like to set up and interchange with your A&O and maybe paint up a few cars and a couple of locomotives if it is OK. I added a link your your site to my web page.

Donald Dunn
CSX Railroad Conductor


Hi Don,
Thanks for the kind comments. Hoping 2.0 works out as well.
Thanks for the weblink.
You have the A&O system map on the Layout page so if it works to interchange with 2.0 you’re certainly welcome to do so. And to paint up and letter equipment as needed accordingly. Unfortnately I don’t have decals per se, but the fonts are pretty standard stuff. I believe the modern lower case is called “Blippo”. It’s an honor.
Nice KV&O, reminds me of some V&O engines I operated years ago. Keep up the good work.