Greetings from The Netherlands


Hi all,

Here is an idea that might of interest to you: The LocoBox.

The LocoBox is transportation box for rolling stock in O Scale. Made entirely from laser cut plywood. Download the files and build your own from

Have fun with it!



Hi all,

I have created a simple tool I would like to share: an adjustable maintenance stand door O gauge and up.

Here is the story:

I’ve published the files for laser cutting it on the page above. Please feel free to make one yourself!




That’s a beautifully designed locomotive and car cradle!



Hi all!

Looks like my plans to travel to the USA are really going to materialise. As it turned out, the best option is to ship my bike from Amsterdam to Canada by air. I’ll arrive in Toronto on August 15th and then drive down to New York. From there on I’ll head to DC, through Virginia down the Smokey Mountains, take right somewhere to Nashville and head towards Denver. I’ll probably get there in the second week of September. Would be great to team up with the A&O crew if possible. Does that fit your plans?

From Denver i’ll drive on to the Rockies, SF, Seattle and fly back from Vancouver of the 26th of September. I’ll draw up a more detailed itinerary over the next few weeks.

I also did a lot of work on my Dutch layout Buitenlust over the last couple of months. Those interested can find a ton of new pics on my Flickr photo stream. Just have a look at:

Take care!



Huib -

That is great news. I look forward to meeting you in person. Feel free to send email messages through this forum to any of us if you desire suggestions for interesting places to see, railroad or otherwise. I grew up just south of Washington DC.


What amazing modeling Huib!! You are a true craftsman. 1/4 scale modeling allows you to really showcase your talent. I hope lots of people are aware of your work and have seen your photos- perhaps thru the European model railway community and press.

We look forward to having you here. Please keep us updated so we can provide you with a warm welcome. David


Hi David,

I have detailed out the itinerary for the trip and I’ll be passing through Milliken on September 10 (a Saturday). Would that fit your schedule?

Take care!



Looking forward to seeing you on September the 10th. You can email me your specific time/directions, etc. as the date approaches. Travel safely!


It was a indeed a great pleasure meeting you, Huib! Please forgive me for not getting a better photo of you during your visit. This photo was in the isolated Kayford aisle, taken with flash by my iPhone 6 camera. I meant to toss my camera bag in the car with my Canon 1DS3.

Enjoy the rest of your motorcycle trip across the USA, and have a safe drive!


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the photo. Could you mail me the full res at huib[at]

I hope the video we shot is of some use to you.

Great meeting you all in person. All the best and hope to see youi again soon.

Take care,



After reading this thread (I love your work, BTW), I went to your “Flickr” account and looked at some of your photos, including those from your USA visit.

I live about 16 miles south of Newport, on the Central Oregon Coast, right off of Highway 101.

You must have passed right by my house!

I have always had an interest in German trains, and have managed recently to pick up a few items in 0 scale, so your work is of particular interest.

Am enjoying this site, as well as your pictures. You are indeed a craftsman of the first order…

Mark in Oregon


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply!

I drove the 101 all the way up to Seattle, so I must have passed by you. The Oregon coast was absolutely amazing.

There are quite some German models in O Scale around. Most of them are expensiuve finescale models, but Lenz, Brawa and MBW produce more affordable ones. The Dutch prototype I am following is quite rare in O Scale.

All the best from The Netherlands!



Just in case any of you get bored from looking at big American trains, here is short video about small Dutch trains :wink:

Take care!



Beautiful video and spectacular modeling by a true master craftsman. Outstanding!


Excellent!!! That is some beautiful modeling.

Thanks for sharing this Huib!!!


You guys just made me :blush:

All the best!



Hi Huib-

What fun it must be to have a beautifully done RR! Love the photo angles, editing, etc. It shows your movie production training. And your professional craftsmanship is just amazing.

I wish our Europe travel plans for September had us coming closer so I could do a reciprocal visit! Hopefully another time.

Thanks for sharing your work on our website. We are honored.



Hi David,

Sure hop you’ll make it over to our small country one day. I’ld love to show you around.




Wow… there are so many aspects of your modeling that inspire; the trees, the backdrop (with the low-lying clouds/fog; great idea!) ,the barking dog…even the music adds to the scene.

Quite simply, as fine a layout as I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

Mark in Oregon