I stumbled onto the A and O while looking for the V and O’s final days. Very impressive… I too was once into HO and the V and O left a lasting impression on me…enough to want to stay in that scale for ever. A good friend of many years finally convinced me of the possibilities of O scale. Even after I bought some 1:48 equipment…I still waffled back and forth, until now. The A and O is a superior example of what can be done. I love the freelance aspect of our hobby and I am always looking for realistic examples, such as the A and O. While I have a simple oval around the wall above my office, I armchair it until the day I can move forward with my vision.

In the meantime I look forward to the info sharing and fellowship on the A and O forums.

Oh and the supportive wife actually prefers O over HO! :wink: Now if I could just find the time, space, and money. :laughing:



[quote=“David”]Hi JB-
Welcome to the A&O Forum! Glad to hear from the Lone Star state.

Your comments are most kind. We have a lot of fun, don’t take anything too seriously, and enjoy sharing whatever helps.

From your comments I suspect you read my “History” page and the journey from HO to O. It’s probably a common story. O scale does contain some inherant qualities that translate into an great sense of presence. It’s addictive. I’m sure some day you’ll have the opportunity to build the RR of your dreams (or exceed them as mine have done!). And share with us what you come up with as time goes along.

Stay in touch,


Yes sir…kind of detail orientated I am. And I plan on it…(Both building the “big one” and keeping in touch with the crew)I also sent you a PM.


I wanted to let all that may visit the forum that if you search the web for a “Texas Eastern”…you will find a mthyical Texas Eastern (TXER).

Just for clarification, it is not me! Not a bad site…it’s just not my version. My “route” runs in far east Texas somewhat along the lines of the Mo-Pac (Also the prototyple for my freelance opeartions.) from Texarkana to Port Arthur.

My railway members are far from having the time to run a website…much less a railroad! :laughing:

Plus my reporting marks are just “TXE” :smiley:

Enjoy the day!