Hello from NH


I’ve been visiting for a while and thought it was time to be a member. I have a small (16x26) O scale layout that I’m building now ( I used David method of cutting ties, Thanks for the ideas) Although I’m still in the bench work state right now, It a modified John Armstrong track plan. I really like the A&O :mrgreen: and it inspires me to work on my layout after visiting. Just one thing David could you make the photo of layout construction a little bigger? there’s a lot to be learned from the way you guys do things and big photos would really help. :wink:

Thank You


Hi Roland,
Thanks for joining the group, and thanks for the suggestion regarding picture size. I’ll take that up with my site guru (aka wife) next time I get ready to update the construction page. Which hopefully will be in the not too distant future (ya, right.)
Send some shots along of your O scale endeavours as well!
Stay in touch.