New member here. I enjoyed reading the article on your previous layout in Model Railroader. Your layout along with Michael Tylick’s Pioneer Valley have made it very tempting to switch from HO scale to O scale. My largest hangup for not changing is the space I have for modeling and the amount of equipment I already have and the availability of equipment for my agriculture branch line.

The layout progress looks great. I like several of the tips that you provided for designing and during construction of the layout. Looking forward to seeing more photos and maybe someday seeing the layout in person.



Welcome to the A&O, Nate! I’m sure David will chime-in shortly with a welcome of his own.

He often extends an invitation to visit to those with an opportunity to be in the area. Over this last year there have been guests from England and Netherlands (whom I met), and Japan and China.

There are also several fine layouts nearby including the spectacular 5500 square foot OC&E at the Greeley Model Railroad Museum.

Again, welcome.


Greetings Nate!

I’m glad you’ve found something useful for your modeling from the A&O journey, both 1.0 and 2.0.

I also struggled with the change of scales. The History page on the website chronicles that journey as well. A large space is only a luxury if it’s the detail and experience that you’re seeking. My first O scale layout was a shelf switching project, in P:48. And that did it.

You most welcome to come by for a visit. Stay tuned as scenery has begun!




I have read over the history page of the website and relooked at the 1.0 page. It’s very tempting to switch to O scale. I think what I like most about it is the heft of the models, the ability to use real couplers that need the pin to be manually lifted to operate, hand thrown turnouts, and the closer to real life it can replicate. I like HO scale because there is so much available (types of models, etc) to fill a layout. I think I’d probably go with P:48.

For O scale I’ve been looking for 40’ AAR box cars (1940-50s versions) with 6’ and 8’ doors, but only see the 1937 box car. Can someone point me to who sells that type of car?

I guess some more background on myself. I’m a Missouri Pacific modeler and I model a agriculture branch line circa 1979 in northern Kansas. So I’d also need Pullman-Standard 4427, 4740, and 4750 covered hoppers models plus ACF 1958 and 4600 covered hoppers.

I’ve been looking for a brass - I believe I’ve seen these before - Missouri Pacific 45’ panel side gondola.




You already sound like a P:48 modeler; very particular and wanting things to be exact! I don’t know if you’ve operated on an O scale layout that is designed for operation and meets those standards, but if not, you have a treat awaiting you. There’s something absolutely visceral about the drama of size, detail, mass in operation and the realistic sound (Loksound) when up close and personal. I’ve never regretted the switch.

Rather than try to answer your rolling stock questions specifically, which I couldn’t without some research, I’d direct you to some folks who could. O Scale Resource (an online publication), O Scale Trains magazine, and Jim Harper of Red Cliffs Miniatures- see website (a friend and awesome P:48 modeler) for answers to your questions. There is also a list of all the manufacturers in O Scale, but I can’t recall where it’s located- they would know.

Changing scales is a process best done a piece at a time to familiarize yourself with what’s involved and discern if it captures your railroading juices. It’s more of “builder’s” scale than HO, simply because of what’s available. But that can be a positive vs. negative - if you like to build. So it’s slower, but I find it more satisfying, as does the A&O crew.

Please keep us informed as to the journey. And a couple sleepless nights are to be expected.:confused: