Ken Patterson visit


Ken Patterson authors a video segment “What’s Neat” in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. That segment is now sponsored by Caboose in Denver. Gerald Styles, “Creative Dude” at Caboose asked Ken to do 5 minute short segments on each of the 26 layouts that offered tours during the 2017 Narrow Gauge Convention.

Ken, Gerald and two others visited the A&O for about an hour long whirlwind tour.

Ken sizes up the Ohio River bridge.

As the guests milled about in the crew lounge, David unfolded Vince’s foamcore mock-up of the main span and held it in place. There were oohs and aahs. Just before David folded it back up, I ran a loaded coal train behind the ABA F3s, staged just north of Jackson, up the end of the grade in run 8 and stopped it on the bridge. I think a couple jaws hit the floor with big models and great sound in-your-face and at eye level.

Ken thought he was done, but David rolled a car down the operating hump yard and mentioned about using the retarders. That interrupted Ken’s escape.

On the way out Ken was now stopped at the rotary.

And just before stepping out the door.


I’m eager to see the next installment of WN. I watch them almost religiously hoping to see more O Scale and this may do the trick!


Mario -

We too hope that O scale will get more exposure. One person in the entourage flicked a coupler and exclaimed “Wow. I didn’t know they had Kadees in O-scale!” Clearly that was his first exposure to 2-rail.

Earlier in the day Ken visited Jeff MacDonald’s beautiful O-scale High Plaines Route. I don’t know what trains Jeff ran for Ken, but when I stopped by this Monday Jeff had a Big Boy running on the mainline. Major drool! :grinning:

I’m not going to hold my breath while hoping the A&O gets shown soon, just because there are 25 other layouts in the series. That’s over 2 years worth of WN.


Ken Patterson’s visit just went live.

The A&O segment starts at 27:09.