Koester Visit


Tony and Judy Koester came to Colorado and stopped by both the A&O and the Colorado Model Railroad Museum on Tuesday, August 29, 2017. The Koesters stayed overnight with the Stewarts before heading for the 37th Narrow Gauge Convention being held in Denver. Here are a few photos from that event.

David, Executive Director Michelle Kempema, and Tony at the museum. Behind them resides museum founder Dave Trussell’s vintage Lionel collection.

After lunch David, Tony and I adjourned to the A&O before the construction crew and spouses arrived for a cookout.

Since Tony is a Nickel Plate fan, he ran a train behind ex-NKP GP35 #910, now post-merger N&W 2910. The under-construction bridge superstructure is built with urethane castings by Vince Griesemer.

Two happy modelers with 2910 at CP Jay.

Judy and Tony in Glenn Forge.

A demonstration of live coal loads and the operating Whiting Rotaside car dumper.

Tony is a big fan of F units. Here the ABA set that appeared on the cover of Model Railroader in May, 2006 crosses the Ohio River.


I finally got off my back side and got the video edited. Many things that I should have done better on, but I guess it is somewhat passable.

I have created two versions. A high Res version and a low Res version. High Res is in 1080P and Low Res is in 540P. Be aware that the High Res is around 600MB.

High Res Version

Low Res Version CLICK HERE

I will be working on part two here soon, which will be the op session we had that evening. It sure was a great time and a huge pleasure to meet Tony (and Judy!).


A&O; the TV show! Nice job Craig, thanks! I need to get over to the mother ship, to do some more test fitting!


Well that’s just COOL Craig. I guess I was oblivious to the fact that were shooting video, being too busy playing tour guide. What fun memories and a really fun night.

Thanks for doing the editing and posting. Looking forward to part 2!


And now for the long awaited Part II, the op session the night of Tony and Judy’s visit.

Again…I apologize for the shaky video. I really have to remember to setup my video camera correctly.

Above is the high res version.

For the Low Res version CLICK HERE


Excellent job, Craig! The video wasn’t shaky at all.

Sorry I didn’t get more photos of you during Tony’s visit.


Awesome Craig. Thanks. I’m blessed to call you, and many others, my friend.


Bob, I tried to contact you via email. I was unsuccessful. My email address is: carlnb7c@yahoo.com