Little Cousin to O Scale


I just joined the A&O Forum today, and I have really enjoyed reading about creating a heavy duty mountain railroad in O scale.

I also model in a minority scale – S scale. Here is a photo of moving the coal on my S-scale layout:

Dan Vandermause
Ellicott City, Maryland


Welcome Dan!

And thanks for sharing a picture of your beautiful S Scale layout. Please share some more. I love your trees and the way the light peeks into the scene. It’s a great trackside photo. I looked at your website and was much impressed. Again, share more with our Forum viewers.

I’ve actually been to Ellicott City, and saw Sam Powell’s now historic S Scale layout during the layout tours of the D.C. NMRA National in the mid-80’s (wow, that was a long time ago). If I recall, Ellicott City was the early terminus of the B&O. Cool place.

Thanks for joining in and sharing.




Thanks David! I have followed the A&O online for some time now, and I can freely admit to “borrowing” some of your great A&O scenery for my own S scale layout.

Here are a few more photos of my S scale Allegheny Western layout: