Loksound Full Throttle: First Impressions


They sound magnificent. I was not sure how to explain how much better these sound than any other models I’ve seen or run before. After reading your articles I am engaged. This is so fascinating. I normally don’t care for the sound systems in the toys; Bob you made the sound system on par with fine scale model nature these are. Extraordinary


I could not agree with you more… Tsunami I horns were awful in my opinon. I have tried Tsunami II and they are better, but not as good as the latest offerings from ESU, QSI, or TCS. The auto notching features that TCS and Soundtraxx offer are neat if you run single engines, but fall apart for the reasons you point out during consisting.

We vacation in Spooner, Wi every summer where we ride the Wisconsin Great northern railroad. They typically run an SW1 or occasionally an F unit. The two engines sound distinctly different. I was very happy when ESU began offering all of the different 567 variations. ESU LokSound is the best option out there currently in my opinion. I just wish they would change over to screw terminals instead of solder pads on the ‘L’ but that’s just a personal preference.