Model Railroader magazine loves the A&O!


Most readers of Model Railroader are familiar with the layout track plans that accompany the layout feature articles. A few years back MR added a top down view of people to these drawings. These characters add a sense of scale and perspective to the drawing. Several of the characters were modeled by relatively easily identifiable members of the MR staff. These characters are posed as if they were observing and or operating the layout. Over time the characters used have changed, and a few updated.

One character in particular has caught my attention. Actually it is two people discussing a layout feature article in the open magazine being held by one of them. Believe it or not, the simulated magazine is in fact opened to pages 46 and 47 of the May 2006 issue of Model Railroader. Why is this so cool? Well if you dig out your copy of MR from May of 2006, you will find on page 46 and 47, the track plan for David’s original A&O 1.0!

I don’t know how many times those two characters showed up in MR over the years, but I think it’s kind of cool! I also seem to recall that while several characters can be found holding everything from DCC throttles to coffee mugs, the A&O article is the only magazine to show up.

Here is my challenge: How many times has the A&O 1.0 track plan shown up? I’m willing to bet it has to be the record for all time!


Sharp eyes Rick!

Humbling indeed.



That’s pretty cool! :slight_smile: