Mount Union Development Commitee

It takes me 20 min just to get settled in at the desk.

I think I like it better as the brick outhouse…

Here is a picture from online of an underground switch being thrown.

That’s Schuyler Street in Utica, NY. Here’s another picture of the steet: Railpictures #647140, CSX #2732 on UT-1 on April 18, 2017

Back in the 1980s, the Susquehanna detoured some double-stack container trains over the line.

Thanks for the location info. Google Street View has a nice close-up of the switch. It appears to only have one moving point.

Hey Chris, are you “ut-1” on Trainorders? If so, I’d love to give you a shout out for your pictures! I am very curious about what is inside the switch stand “box”. Bob has laid down the challenge to build my model so that the throw handle is position-able. He wants to photograph a scene with a conductor working the switch.

No, – I’ve never been on Trainorders.

However, UT-1 might be the same person who posts as “ParisHill” on RYPN – for example, here’s a RYN post showing what Schuyler Street looks like in mid-winter: Winter Street Running Woes, Utica, NY