New CTC machine


Greetings from the Black Hills in South Dakota. Been following your CTC machine build for a while now, very nice and am very impressed with the professional approach in design and execution. I am in process of constructing a CTC machine similar in complexity but for my smaller HO gauge layout. Over the last two years I have managed to acquire quite a few original Western Electric components, so much so I could construct a relay based machine but am mainly focused on indicators and switches which I have enough of and can move forward.

I have a planned trip to Boston in October and would be interested to know if you have visiting hours. Would like to visit to see the A&O and perhaps compare notes on CTC machines. BTW, my background is in producing mainly science shows for National Geographic and Discovery Channels along with a variety of other supporting services. Would be happy to contribute what I can to support the A&O operation.

Jay Roman


Hi Jay,

Thanks for the kind comments on our CTC machine. Other than the cabinet, the machine is totally Bob’s doing. He’s your man for all things design and electrical.

As for a visit, I live an hour north of Denver, Colorado. If you’re ever down this way, let me know so we can arrange a visit.

All the best,