Not Quite O-Scale: CF&I Loader


I FINALLY have my pictures uploaded and a video made of the CF&I Limestone loader for my HOn3 layout. Just wanted you guys to be able to check it out.

Now…back to work on the layout :slight_smile:



Niiiiiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeee! :grinning:

I can’t wait to spill limestone all over the place. D’oh! :open_mouth:

Zoltar foresees a micro vacuum in your future, to clean up after guest operators!


Very nice model, structure and work. And that its “works” - wow very nice.


Yea…that’s happened to me already Bob. Hehe. Live had to rock the door switch a couple of times to get it to stop. Hehe

Thanks for the kind words guys. I gotta say…Davids loader was/is the inspiration.