Op session Dec 22, 2018


Another “test” op session was held on the morning of Saturday, Dec 22. Here are a few photos.

Levi Bacon (with tongue stuck out) runs a train past Craigmark Industries as his dad serves as the road pilot.

Levi’s train exits the tunnel and starts the long grade down to Union Gap. That’s his dad Rick in the red shirt.

Craig Linn served as head Dispatcher, with Kirk “the elder” as a trainee. Here we see 3 trains showing occupancy on the model board.

4 trains on the main keep the dispatcher busy.

Bob Kjelland and the A&O F3s run through the Bayfield interlocking, heading to power plants north of the modeled portion.

I don’t quite remember what was going on here. Wally ran the hump yard and seemed to be doing some 'splaining. Evidently David needed a stiff drink (of water!) Bill found whatever it was funny.

A run past the A&O 1.0 golden spike memorial.

Mark Sears runs a GP30 up the hill from Union Gap.

Vince hid from everyone to run the Fillmore Heights switch.

Levi got bored while waiting for a signal, so he bugged Craig to find out why he was stuck. It turned out that someone ran a signal and nearly rear-ended another train. The tail of that rogue train can be seen occupying an OS section as indicated by the rightmost red occupancy indicator. His head-end and another train occupy the mainline and show as a white lamp just to the left of the red.

And one more, Bob Cline runs uphill towards Linnwood.


Great shots Bob. It sure was a fun time, even though pretty busy dispatching at times.

Looking forward to the next one.


Nice shots! I had brought my camera to get some pix also, but Linnwood kept me so busy I didn’t even have time to load coal on the branch! :rofl: