Op session Nov 23rd


What a fantastic time! And I have to say it was awesome to see so many trains going at one time.

I thought I heard David say that we had 20 operators at the start of the session and finished with around 14-16.

I’ve got some video…although not a lot. But I’ll try to get some of it edited and put up soon.
In the meantime…here are some shots I took.

Extra heading to Linwood and the Rickburg.

Willow Creek trains ready to head out (southbound?). I’m not sure why I can’t remember what direction is south! Hehe

Another fantastic time!!! Thank you David!!


It sure was a great time! Looking forward to future ops!

Cody Muse


I only managed a couple photos at the end of the session, having been locked-up most of the day in the Dispatcher’s office.

Kirk Jr. did a great job during his first solo dispatch job.

Rick wonders “Will it bend?” Not likely. The viaduct is built with a 1 1/2" aluminum box beam.

It didn’t bend.

Mark runs a 17 hour late Grand Floridian across the still work-in-process Ohio River Bridge.


It appeared to me that folks were having fun. In the late afternoon the 3:1 fast clock that I initially set to 06:00 after 9 AM rolled over to 00:00.

A concerned operator, who shall remain anonymous, asked a question: “The clock rolled over. Does that mean the session is over?”

I replied “No, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.” Sorry if that’s not PC.

Fortunately the last operators, and the Grand Poobah, had a chance to “op until you drop” before she rang the doorbell.

Lots of fun.


Thanks for the pictures, I know I had a great time! Since I brought my camera, I’ll add a couple as well.

Here’s how busy the Millport aisle can get: Bill has just brought the F unit ABA set in on a coal train, and Interyard Hostler Craig has taken over to move the train down to staging. Meanwhile, Vince is running the Soup and Nut Jobs on the hump side of the aisle, all while Doug and Mark are working the south end of Haven’s Yard at CM Tower, planning the next moves.


Wally and Kirk put the C&O coal train back together in Glen Forge after dumping at the rotary.


Bob K shoots some video and David watches while Kirk brings the F units across the Twin Rivers bridge. He had fun utilizing the drive hold feature with these locomotives!

I’ve got many more, but the “1 at a time” and 3 reply limit for being new to the forum is limiting it for now. If you wanna see more, just let me know!
~W Kirk Orndorff


Junior -

More photos, please! I was pulling my hair out (as if I could afford to lost some) in the dispatcher’s office when we had a few hardware failures (including the back of a chair that hit a main power switch and shut off AC to half of the layout and made the CTC machine go ape.) Because of that I didn’t get out very much.

I didn’t know about the “3 drink limit” on the web site. If you can, please post more pix.

By the way, you did a great job first time dispatching.


Thanks, Bob, much appreciated! It’s a board that’s fairly easy to use (once basic CTC board knowledge is in place), as well as fun! Okay, here’s to trying for more!

Jake looks ahead at his signal at Jackson, meeting Wally’s C&O coal train on the Ohio Bridge. This view gives a good look at the sheer size of this project.
~W Kirk Orndorff


At the beginning of the day, David has everyone’s attention in what was a rather humorous briefing.


Bob S running the morning DS shift. I believe that’s Pat learning the ropes (correct me if I’m wrong, I never actually got names).

I’ve hit the 3 thing again, so we’ll have to wait for more. If my math is correct, I’ve got 9 more.
~W Kirk Orndorff


Great shots Kirk. Keep em coming. You got more than I did too. I got down in the Kayford branch and forgot to get any shots.



It’s gratifying to see our hard work come together for the enjoyment of everyone who attended. Now to get some motive power done and put the “flesh” on the bones of the layout; you can only look at framework and poster-board for so long.

Post more pix Junior. Good times and good memories for the archives.

The Grand Poobah


Looks like a great time. I need to make it out for operating some time, just not sure how to make that happen.



Thanks, guys! We’ll see if my “temporary” has worn off long enough for an additional 3 shots! :laughing:

Here Mark switches the pulpwood tracks at Point Vincent; the empties will soon come visit me over at the hump yard. Meanwhile, a coal load waits at Mount Union for a northbound to arrive.


It worked! Haha

While waiting for a signal at Union Gap, Bob K. helps Wally out while getting his train off the rotary track.


Doug had to depart around noon, so here Cody has taken control of the yard. He’s getting some paperwork in order while I bring train 261 over to the yard from 16th street.

That’s 3, so we’ll have to wait a little bit for the remaining pix, stay tuned!
~W Kirk Orndorff


I’m staying tuned. Hope you can post again real soon now, ya’ hear?


Wow, the railroad is looking pretty good. I’ll have to check back more frequently!