P&D F Units


Interesting read; thanks for sharing…

Mark in Oregon


Very well done. What would you suggest for P&D F units to model D&RGW unit that pulled the California Zephyr?
I would include a picture but it isn’t obvious how to do that.


I’d see if you could find a set of Sunset / 3rd Rail 2-Rail F7s…

Santiago did a great set, just by adding a few details.

See the work here:

Thanks and good luck!


David and Crew:

I would like to thank you for allowing me to join the A&O Forum. I find the information very useful for building my own 2 rail C&O Cabin Creek Coal branch railroad. The technical information you guys provide will help me to avoid some of the previous problems you have already encountered. I have several Weaver and Red Caboose locomotives to improve as I detail them. I grew up as the youngest operator on the V&O Railroad as I lived nearby Allen McClelland. I hope to get to Colorado this summer for a railfan trip. Thanks again.


Hi Bill,

Welcome aboard!

You and I are among the blessed to have been able to operate the V&O in days long ago. It forever shaped my thoughts on model railroading.

I’m glad that the Forum is helpful. Some very skilled folks post here, which is very humbling. I’m blessed to be able to defer some of the challenging/difficult-for-me aspects to others on my crew. It’s a unique scenario.

When a long-promised changeover is completed, I will finally be able to update the Construction page. Perhaps much to the amazement of many.

We’ll look forward to your additions, telling/showing us what the Cabin Creek is becoming.

And, I’ll look forward to meeting you this summer. Who knows, it might just coincide with an A&O op session.

All the best,