Passenger train!


I clearly remember David saying in years past that the A&O halted through passenger train traffic. His “doodlebug” was the a sole exception.

Then I bent the rules for an “A&O Historical/Hysterical Society” steam train, perhaps with a Santa figure standing on the end platform for a Christmas run, to be powered by a double header of N&W 4-8-0s.

Today David ran the first major exception to that rule through Havens Yard, at night. Naming of that passenger train running from Florida to Cincinnati then on to Chicago is not yet a settled matter. That said, watch the following video. This was a test run, so there were no passengers on board.

These were pulled by Bob’s A&O F3 ABA set. David also received today an undecorated A-A set intended to eventually permanently power the train.


The first run received close inspection for adequate clearances. Nothing scraped!


Oh my goodne…

Sorry…I passed out! Wow!!! What a beautiful consist. Who are the cars from Bob? Look to be painted up in Santa Fe?


They are unlettered Atlas California Zephyr cars. David got them for a song at the most recent Jim Seacrest auction.

Note that the night “photo” isn’t a photo—it is a video.