Reaching out


Hi David,
This is your ‘brother-in-law’ Chuck Deese. After attending the ‘World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour’ show in Denver today, I have a rejuvenated interest in model trains so I got on the A&O website tonite and regestered and thought I’d send a note. As you know I’m an HO buff, but, after seeing some O scale locos today from LIONEL and MTH, they have come long way! I’m used to playing with a 1957 LIONEL O scale Rio Grande F7 set my dad gave to us when we were little tikes. I’ve never liked the detail of O scale locos but they are getting close to the detail of HO units these days.

I did have the privilege of seeing A&O 1.0 in person (I still have the modeling desk I bought from you) but have not seen A&O 2.0 yet. Since I live just 30 minutes away from you, I would like to offer my services to you on your build days, I will sweep the floors or, bring coffee and donuts or something. I would like to help getting 2.0 up and running. Hope to see you soon.

Your ‘in-law’, Chuck…


Hi Chuck-

Nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the train show. I worked on 2.0 this afternoon. Progress, slow but sure.

The detail of the Lionel and MTH- the 3-rail side of O scale, is improving to be sure. Scale O certainly doesn’t take a back seat to HO. But those are generally different manufacturers, with the exception of Atlas and Weaver.

Send me an email so I have that and can let you know about work sessions. will get me.

Blessings and welcome to the forum. Lots of fun stuff contributed by some very talented folks!