Recent Open House

Any photos and/or video coming up of the recent open house?

Ian -

Sorry to disappoint you, but I was pretty busy at the op session. This is actually the only photo I shot that morning and afternoon. As far as I could tell, the session went great. Lee, an experienced model RR dispatcher, did the honors and a lighter load of trains ran smoothly. Lee found one CTC machine bug that was found in minutes due to his excellent documentation.

In this photo Jeff unloads live coal loads at the Glenn Forge Whiting Rotaside dumper. He brought the coal train north from Ricksburg using two of his beautiful Burlington Sunset SD9s, which sounded great. I really like the pre-BN diesel paint schemes.

Hello Ian!
The ops session was more of a work session; we were working on the operations! I know for me, I am still building familiarity with the layout, locations, and the concept of operation (which direction is north and why did my train come out of staging backwards?). I’m pretty sure my 11 year old son Levi, has figured out more about the mainline and staging than me. He may hold the record for most passenger runs!

The layout is a huge interactive machine! These working op sessions are really helping us learn about the machine and how to operate it! The genius of the design and the quality of craftsmanship of contributing parts like the signaling & dispatching, phones, power & control, track work, and locomotives sure make the “work” fun!

Maybe we need to consider a webcam system for the out of town followers!

Thanks. All us groupies /sycophants needed a fix.

Thanks Bob & Rick
Looks like will have to come visit one day. Agree the Sunset SD9s are very nice - I think pre-BN paint scheme was in chinese red? I have one of these locos lettered for the PRR and now looking forward to the arrival of a GP7 in the NYC lightening strip scheme.