Some Pictures...The First Op Session (Full)


I thought that it was about time that I took a break from a little wiring on my layout and got some of the pictures posted of the first Operation Session David had on the A&O 2.0. What an amazing time it was. Great Friends and a fantastically operated layout.

First off - The Crew. I’ll try to do as best I can here: From L to R. Front Row: Craig, David. Middle Row: Levi, Less, Jake, Larry. Back Row: Bill W, Frank, Rick, Vince, Jeff, Mark, Bob S., Bob K. So as you see, a pretty good crew!

David giving the crew instructions and assignments before we start. Also Bob gave some instructions on the NCE system that is utilized on the A&O.

Vince starts the first shift of Dispatcher, under Bob’s guidance. The CTC panel worked like a dream. We operated on this session from Ricksburg to Linnwood on the north of the Layout.

Rick operates his namesake, making a power move for a coal train that was just prepped at Morrison. The first operators of this train was Less and Bill.

(See next post for more pictures…)


Levi getting some guidance from David on working Haven’s Yard and 16th Street.

Rick working with dispatch to get the first coal train out of Ricksburg.

Frank working the Mill Job I believe (correct me if I’m wrong here guys).

Bob K. working the CM Tower Job.

David and I both happen to meet at Rick’s beautiful gas and repair station he built. Simply amazing work Rick!!!


Mark and David talk over the work at Linnwood. Apologies for the grainy photo. This was shot at my max ISO (3200) because the room is VERY dark.

Jake picks up a coal drag headed to Linnwood, under guidance from Rick. This was Jake’s first op session. Looks like he is continuing the family tradition from Mark and his uncle Craig (me).

Larry waits for cars being dropped by Frank. These cars are headed to the hump yard at 16th Street.

Bob K. works the Fillmore Heights switch job. This is located inside the layout between International Paper and Haven’s Yard.

Jeff brings in the F Units and the coal drag from the rotary dump, headed to Ricksburg. These amazing models created by Bob Sobol now sport the new LokSound Decoders. Talk about sounding amazing!

Larry moves the switcher down 16th street to pick up a string of cars.

These are all of the still shots I have of the day. The next job for me was to work the Dispatcher office, which was a kick in the pants :).

What an amazing day! I know that I left the session with a huge smile on my face, thinking back of the 8 years of hard work to get to this point. This is definitely going to be one of the premier layouts in the region, if not the country.


A few more of this New Year’s Eve 2016 op session that David called for those who have contributed so much to building the layout.

David served as a Grand Poobah and overall coordinator, usually found in the 16th Street yard aisle.

The CTC machine woke up only a couple days prior. After a quick “training” session Vince handled the morning traffic before a lunch pizza break.

Craig dispatched after lunch.

Frank brought the New York Central into International Paper, where it interchanges cars destined for the mill before heading to Havens Yard.

The first meet on the Ohio River Bridge.

Jeff ran a heavy coal drag south across the same bridge.

Bill and his uncle Les run coal northbound towards the Jackson lead by a pair of GP38s.

After bringing a coal train out of the Kayford valley, Jake calls the dispatcher for permission to enter the mainline and head for the rotary. That’s his dad Mark serving as Linnwood yardmaster and Kayford valley dispatcher.

Craig took a break from dispatching to switch the Morrison Coal prep plant.

Bob K switches the pulpwood track at International Paper.

Real life locomotive engineer Levi brings 261 through the Jay interlocking.

Rick’s beautifully detailed and weathered gas station stopped by for a visit in Mount Union.


Wow, your CTC panel looks fantastic. Wish I was there to operate it. A friend of mine with metalworking skills is going to help me build a small CTC panel for my 12’ x 13’, double track, reverse-signaled, DC (not DCC) HO layout. I’m going to use current detection to operate the ABS signals, with the ability to manually control the lower aspect of the two aspect signals at the crossovers and exit to the yard. Your work is inspiring me to try this out for myself. I’ve drawn out the circuits by hand.


Looks like a great time. Wish I could have been there. Stupid job…


So marvelous and congratulations :tada:

You guys are so amazing