Grace & I had a woderful visit with you and your wife. I can’t wait to see the progress on our next visit. I have Sept. (?) 2011 written down. Keep me posted. Dave H. says he’s in. The rest of our trip to White Bear Lake was wonderful!! This week I finalized my business trip this September to Boston. I decided to take the long way home and go through Grand Rapids, MI. I contacted Bruce Chubb and will be visiting him on September 12. WOW! Can’t wait. Keep in touch.
Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim,

It was sooo fun having you and Grace stop by. Good friends are forever.

Glad to hear you had a good time at the NP convention. Did you get to Bandanna Square and see the layout there?

Check in for 2.0 progress. I am hopeful of being ready for Rocky Op in two years. And you guys all get free lodging!

You’ll enjoy your visit with Bruce. A lot of railroad in that basement. And similiarly, under his garage. You might want to check out the White Creek Railroad (see their website) which is in the vacinity. Bob and I spent two incredible days “ridin’ the rails” through the Michigan woods there a few years ago. Any more fun and it’d been illegal. There is an op session that weekend- invitation only, but I might be able to help you with that if you’re interested.

Stay in touch,