Look familiar?

Seemed bigger last time I saw it!

And probably dirtier

Having trouble getting the couplers the correct height

I found it’s BIG brother, sitting in the Millport class yard, ready to go out on the next #777, the “Doughnut Run”. It’s not so dirty after all.

I’d wondered what the number was. Would have been funny if they had the same. It looks like the ends are black. And the underframe? They aren;t on mine but Walthers… I have found one pic of a prototype Golden Loaf car and it is a straight on side shot so can’t see the ends and the underframe is in shadow. The prototype number I found is 45319 shot in 1976.



The Airslide hopper is an American Standard Car Co. kit from many years back. I stripped the sides and painted it according to the information on the Microscale decal sheet. The ends and bottom are indeed black. The car number was randomly chosen from several possibilities on the decal sheet.

Somehow I always liked this private road name/appearance. Perhaps because I lived in MN for 10 years and saw a few of them around. Wish I’d thought to take pictures at that time. And now my Wayback Machine needs a flux capacitor overhaul. Sigh.

Ha! I just noticed that the car number and car card # don’t match :frowning:

Another one to redo. But since I’m the first, I’d assume, to notice that after many operating sessions, it shows just how much guys use the picture to identify private cars vs. car numbers. Plus, and minus.


OK, so that’s TWO car card photos I need to reprint. You never sent details about the first one. If I recall the last I saw them they were sitting on the counter to the right of the refrigerator.

Another possibility: many operators including myself just read the last three numbers, which are correct.

I’m with Bob, I usually use just the last three numbers! Some times even, just two!

not exactly an uncommon practice on the prototype as well. . When I am walking a track to verify the list i often have to make myself look at more that just the last 3. It did catch me once.