Op Session Dec 14, 2019

Here’s a short video from the latest op session. The video is full HD. Clicking on it will take you to Smugmug where it is hosted.

Nice video, love the deep sounds of the diesel engines…

Indeed. Great video Bob. Thanks.

We had first-timers to the A&O/ops on both of those runs. We jokingly say we have to follow newbies with a mop bucket to wipe up the drool. It’s as fun to watch the faces of such operators as much as the trains on such occasions.

The physical heft, the weight and slack action, and the excellent visible detail of scale O can be almost overwhelming at first when coming from smaller scales. (“These feel like real trains.”) And then there’s…the sound.

Bob has done a truly magnificent job getting the most out of the Loksound files, coupled with the Tang Band speakers. (see other post)

To all who pass thru this post in the next few days-

Have a Blessed Christmas and all the best to you and yours in 2020.


Fun video, Bob! All I got from the panel was shots of the lights on display! Haha. 28 trains over the main, the most at once was 6.

How did you keep up with 6 at a time? Next time I dispatch I’m limiting the trains to 4.

By the way, did you notice that we heard Craig as Linnwood yardmaster in almost all of the shots?

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!