Roadbed for the A&O?

Hi Everyone! I’m new to the forum but hopefully it’s ok to start with a question.

As I recall the A&O uses Homasote for roadbed, is that correct? Where do you get your materials? Home Depot used to have something called “440 Soundboard” but AFAICS they don’t carry it any more.


Welcome to the forums, Ed!

The A&O uses Micore instead of Homasote. They look similar, but they are not at all the same. Homasote is made from recycled paper. It absorbs water, swells, and isn’t dimensionally stable.

Micore, on the other hand, is made of mineral fiber. It is commonly found inside the soft partition walls used to divide office cubicles, and as insulation for kilns. When water is applied it doesn’t swell. It cuts very easily with no dust using just a simple knife blade. The main drawback is that it doesn’t grab spikes very tightly when hand-laying track.

If I recall David found a supplier in Denver that carried 4x8 sheets.

Looking forward to seeing you when op sessions resume! Bob

Ed. I got mine from what is now called L&W supply in Fort Collins They were able to send up from Denver by the sheets.

There’s a website for Homasote, and they include a product locator function on the site.

Speaking from personal experience, you may need to look for a building supply house, or real lumber yard, as opposed to any of the big box stores like Home Depot. This is true even if the big box stores are listed in the product locator. And after all that, I would recommend calling first before you drive too far.

Lastly, if you find a place that will cut to your specs, consider having them do as much cutting as possible. There’s a lot of dust! Or take your supply of homasote to a friend’s house, and cut it in his driveway instead. :wink: :sunglasses:


Thanks everyone, these are some good leads, I’ll be checking them out. Good idea about having it pre-cut, esp. as I don’t have a truck so transportation is a factor :wink:


There is a hidden source for Homasote if you are going to use it for spline roadbed, plus it’s stocked at all Home Depot stores.

Homex 300 is used as an expansion joint on cement work. It is sold in 10ft strips, 1/2 in thick by 3 1/4 inch wide for about $3.50 each. Depending how you cut it, you can get two 1 1/2 inch strips from one piece. It is sold in the cement department at Home Depot and Lowes.

Interesting, that also looks like it could work for doing bench-built (straight) track and turnouts :wink:

Here is some spline roadbed I did several years ago using this version of Homasote.