Tony Koester changes to O scale!

Well not really, but if he did maybe this is what it would look like. These are pictures taken by David Friedlander at the O scale national convention last week. The models were built by Jack Bartman.

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Wait! Tony did write something about changing scales in the April 2009 MR. But I think he said something about 3-rail. :laughing:

Wasn’t that an April Fools joke? MR does them well, of course when they send the April issue out the last week of Feb, I’m not thinking about April Fools. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean they still wouldn’t catch me. :laughing:

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Yes, that was the MR April “special feature.” It was meant as a joke, but actually there is more than a little substance behind the story line. :open_mouth: Cue Rod Serling. We are about to enter the Twilight Zone.

I visited Tony in May of 2006, during a driving trip to the east coast to visit with my relatives. Prior to the trip, David & I collaborated with Tony on an A&O feature article published in the May 2006 Model Railroader, so I just called Tony while I was staying north of Philadelphia (don’t ask me for Tony’s home phone number) and he graciously agreed to spend a day together with less than a week’s notice.

During my visit, Tony said that if he had the basement space he would seriously consider switching to O 2-rail. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: He really liked the in-your-face operation shown in the photo that David now uses on this web site’s front page. That photo had already appeared in David’s bio in the May 2006 A&O feature article in Model Railroader.

During my visit, Tony showed me a very fine pencil sketch he did to communicate a possible MRP cover photo. Since I had some of my camera equipment in the car, I offered to do an impromptu photo shoot and did my best to match his sketch. His locomotives were only HO but in the sketch they loomed more like O. Instead of a photo of train then Tony per the sketch, it came out more a photo of Tony then train. My bad. :unamused:

The final photo appeared not on the cover of Planning, but instead on the cover of his multi-deck layout book. I was still happy. I sincerely hope that Tony was happy too.

And all this was definitely not a joke.

Hmmmm. Maybe David did show Tony “the light” in regards to O-scale. :slight_smile:

Just saw he did an article of his O scale layout in MR.

Hey Craig, it’s actually a 4 part series from January through April! First two parts are out. Tony also edits the MR Planning yearly magazine. There is usually an O scale layout in that. This year has a feature on Chris Smith’s O scale N&W layout.