Work on other Layouts

Been working on my layout quite a bit because of the need for distancing. I’ve got a lot of work done on some scenes as well as some other items to prepare for more work. Hope you guys enjoy the shots. The static grass has been a lot of fun to work with I must say. It also required me to fire up the airbrush a bit and mute some of the colors.

Also got the tunnel liners in place so I can start to fling dryer sheets near Vail Junction.

What have you guys been working on?

Craig, the grass/weeds are amazing! You’re colors and texture are spot on!

Someday I’ll have to visit your layout.

I’ve been mostly cleaning house and garage. In the spare time in between, I’ve been working on details for the Mount Union lumber yard. Scratch building a forklift right now.

Awesome Rick. I look forward to seeing the Fork Lift and the details you put into it.

I tell ya…I’m reslly starting to enjoy the scenery stuff.

Dryer sheets? Never heard of anyone using those.

I got to tip from someone on MRH, I think. Just soak them in a slurry of plaster and fling it on. Works really great.

Just to keep the plaster from setting up too quickly I put in some baking powder to help retard the drying.

Craig that looks awesome! The muting and blending with the airbrush is a real key. In O scale I use a spray bomb! What a difference when scenery is in place. Working on the same here and will post when I get to that point.

Keep up the great work and photos.


Isn’t that kinda pricey? or do you use used ones?

Hey Jay. Only used ones. Sorry…should have mentioned that :slight_smile:

I keep a basket right on the dryer and throw my sheets there. As of now I have 4 plastic bags full of dryer sheets. I think I have enough now :slight_smile:

How are they better than paper towels?

Not much but it’s what I’m doing

Hey Jay. Not sure if they are better than paper towels…but they are cheaper :slight_smile:

Looks like some good progress on your pike.

Lookin’ good Jay. Progress. Love the bridges. Keep posting.